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Current Cat Activity by RMS

2010 the hottest year on record

In Weather Chaos, a Case for Global Warming

Pakistan floods, Russia heat fit climate trend

Strong evidence of climate change–Munich Re

Heat Waves Could Be Commonplace in the US by 2039

Hot Spots Where Heatwaves Could Pose Greater Health Risk

Asia, floods

Killer floods sweep across China, North Korea and Pakistan

Why Europe Has Been Slow to Help Flood Victims


Too much rain a 'disaster' for some Sask. farmers


Hail during summer 2010, Switzerland

Spring 2010 was horrible (DE)

UK, drought

UK basks in its driest spell for almost 71 years

UK hosepipe ban

Russia, heat

Heat drownings in Russia

$15 000 000 000 loss for Russia (RU)


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Weather Risk

Predictions for the insurance-linked security and weather risk markets in 2010

The Rise of the Climate Consultant

Global Economy Could Grow by $250 Billion by Hedging Weather Risk

Weather derivatives becoming hot commodities

Hedge Funds Pluck Money From Air in $19 Billion Weather Gamble

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Making Money from the Weather

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Mitigating and Managing Climate Change Risk

Hedging against the weather

A brighter picture

Global Reinsurance - Weather update (2002)

Weather Risk Management

Weather Or Not, Make Money

Now This Is Umbrella Insurance

Finding Profits in Risks of Weather

The weather bookies

Index Insurance

List of experts from "The Potential for Scale and Sustainability in Weather Index Insurance" William Dick, agricultural risk-management consultant; Rose Goslinga, Syngenta Foundation; Molly Hellmuth, International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI); Daniel Osgood (IRI); Andrea Stoppa, agricultural risk-management consultant; and Joanna Syroka, WFP.

Academics say insurance could play key role in reducing climate change risks PDF

Scaling Up Index Insurance

Does Disaster Insurance Have a Role in Climate Change Adaptation?

Index Insurance Has Potential To Help Manage Climate Risks And Reduce Poverty

Challenges for use of index-based weather insurance in lower income countries

Rockfeller - Index-based weather insurance

One Acre Fund - The Importance of Crop Insurance

The Potential for Insurance to Help the World's Poor Adapt

Economic Impact of Weather

How Weather Influences the Economy

How a heat wave can affect the markets

What’s the “price” of weather volatility in your portfolio?

UK heatwave boosts sales of air-con and fans

Bell feels the "nasty weather" (DE)

Voegele has suffered from the weather (DE)

H&M feels cold May weather (DE)

Earth Observation Summit Transportation Panel-Weather Risk

3 Russia ETFs Likely to Suffer From Severe Weather

What’s in store, weather-wise, for the Gulf and North Sea

Road builders have estimated losses from the July heat (RU)

Meteorologists Shape Fashion Trends

Weather Cover for Marketing

Lake District hotel promises guests refund if it rains

Impact on Agriculture and Food

presentations of Expert Group Meeting: Innovative Finance for Sustainable Development

Managing Agricultural Production Risk

Disaster Management – The Agricultural Dimension

Index Insurance for Drought in Africa

Drought Index Insurance for Farmers in Africa

Weather Index Insurance - Case for South Africa

Weather Index Insurance in Southern Africa - The Case of Malawi

Experiences in Index-Based Weather Insurance for Farmers: Lessons Learnt from India & Malawi

Ethiopia Drought Insurance Pilot Project

Developing Index-Based Insurance for Agriculture in Developing Countries PDF

Agricultural Insurance Schemes

Development of a Weather Yield Index (WYX) for maize Crop Insurance in Malawi

Weather insurance offers Ethiopian farmers hope—despite drought

Weather Risks to the Global Food Supply Chain: Australian Wheat

Climate change: Impact on agriculture and costs of adaptation

Financing Food Security: Innovations, Good Practices, and Lessons Learned

The Investment Forum discusses innovative financing for food security


Risk books

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Climate Risk and the Weather Market: Financial Risk Management with Weather Hedges

chapter Weather Data: Cleaning and Enhancement

Climate sense

Economic Value of Weather and Climate Forecasts

Energy Derivatives: Trading Emerging Markets

chapter Weather Trading, Raising the Temperature in Monte Carlo

Storms of My Grandchildren

The uncertainty business: risks and opportunities in weather and climate, 1986